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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

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At Seven Steps Healthcare we show respect by considering and understanding other peoples’ feelings, thoughts, behaviour’s, and needs. By demonstrating respect to others, we show that we value them and we ensure that everybody is treated fairly with dignity; ‘’At Seven Steps Healthcare we treat others as we want to be treated’’, and we strongly believe that respect cost nothing. Seven Steps Healthcare ensures that individuals have privacy when they want and need it, treating them as individuals not as whole and providing and supporting them if they need to be autonomous, independent and participating in their local communities.



Seven Steps Healthcare support workers celebrate working with other healthcare professionals in delivering continued person centred care at all times. As supply of healthcare evolves, coordinating care between different agencies has become increasingly important and agencies like Seven Steps Healthcare is there to promote this approach. Inter-professional working is the practice of approaching service user care from a team based approach. Seven Steps Healthcare believe that collaborative working and learning to work together and respecting one another’s perspective can be more effectively as a team to improve our service user’s outcomes. Evidence from the research suggest that service user’s outcome, quality of care are all improved when disciplines work collaboratively towards a shared goal that is tailored on the service user needs.



At Seven Steps Healthcare we take total responsibility for our actions as we owe our service users the duty of care. We are much aware of the fact that we are wholly accountable for our actions and omissions when working with service users, family members, public and members of the team. Seven Steps Healthcare ensures that their employees have the right training, to carry out their duties safely and effectively. Furthermore, our employees receive ongoing support and supervision and whilst working they are required to comply with the code of conduct for healthcare professionals, agency policies as well as policies and procedures of the organisation they are working for.



Seven Steps Healthcare’s support and care is offered through relationships based on empathy, respect and dignity. Seven Steps Healthcare support workers go an extra mile by having the ability to relate to service users on a deeper level, portraying sincere care and kindness to them. A feeling of being loved and respected allows service users to relax and focus on getting well instead of worrying about the care they are receiving.



At Seven Steps Healthcare, we are very mindful about the importance of maintaining service user’s confidentiality. Individuals we support expect that information about their health is kept confidential unless there is a compelling reason that it should not be and this is linked to respect individual’s autonomy.



We believe that people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and at Seven Steps Healthcare we are committed to enabling people to feel self-worth and self-respect by what we say and how we support them. Enabling people to do things for themselves, have ordinary life experiences, and develop new skills is part of our culture at Seven Steps Healthcare.



Seven Steps Healthcare believes in providing the high-class individual care. More importantly, professionalism builds company’s reputation, success and morale just to mention a few.

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