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Who Are We?

Seven Steps Healthcare is a health and social care staffing agency based in the heart of England. Our ambition is focused on providing quality care services and customer gratification to all our clients, maintaining a cost effective approach. We endeavour to make our client’s journey flexible, gratifying and hassle-free ensuring that all their staffing demands are met. Our employees are aware of the urgency of the service we provide and as such fully understand the demands and pressure.


We believe in our seven step modelOur model is based on a seven step unique staffing solutions that is tailored to meet our clients turnover solutions. We are so passionate about meeting these needs in a professional and respected manner. We are an agency that is committed to provide all year round staffing solutions thereby leaving our clients at ease. Our ethos is to meet both our employee’s needs and clients’ turnover solutions.


  • Treats every employee as an exceptional and valuable.
  • Values diversity and employees’ life experiences; nothing is taken for granted.
  • Flexible scheduling around your lifestyle
  • Invest in training and support personal development
  • Celebrate and reward success
  • Matching your experiences and qualification
  • Provides a warm and compassionate culture


Seven steps healthcare will be working in partnership with other healthcare or other external agencies as a way of promoting continuity and also ensuring all the care needs of our service users are being met.
We will ensure that inter-professional working is promoted hence being mindful of the importance of confidentiality.

’We work as a team, empower/support individuals and enjoy having fun while working, delivering valued services to our clients’’.


Training is the core to our business and all our programmes are recognised by the national standards. In addition to mandatory training we ensure that before being assigned to any duties, employees are given shadowing opportunities. We believe in marrying the theory into practice, it’s all about the application. We also ensure that our staff performance is monitored through supervision and support. Our staff will receive training in safeguarding and we will ensure that they understood the procedures and its application in order to protect the individuals from the risk of abuse.


We supply fully trained and experienced registered nurses and support workers to our clients to achieve optimal individual outcomes. We value diversity and our employees are from different background thereby bringing different expertise and experiences within our organisation.


All our employees will have at least a minimum of six months of working experience, along with two professional references. Furthermore, all employees have to pass through a rigorous assessment and selection process. They are all DBS checked. Seven Steps healthcare will adhere to the equal opportunity policy in their selection process. There is a rigorous recruitment and selection procedure which meets the requirements of legislation, equal opportunities and anti -discriminatory practice ensuring there is a protection of individuals, families and their relatives.

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